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Sudani Lamb Meat

Do you enjoy lamb cuts that are tender? Discover 100% fresh, hormone-free Sudani lamb meat at Gourmet Butcher House. It is incredibly lean and succulent, and may be grilled or cooked slowly. Whether it is broiled, roasted, or grilled, this vitamin B powerhouse is delectable. Glutathione, a free radical neutralizer, can be found in lamb meat. Our professionals meticulously choose them, and each portion is quality checked. The high calcium and iron content of Sudani lamb meat can help avoid anemia. It has zinc, which supports the immune system, and the high protein content helps stimulate muscle growth and repair.

We at Gourmet Butcher House are committed to providing our customers with meat (lamb, mutton, beef and chicken) of the finest quality. All of our meats are produced or sourced from partners who uphold our standards for quality and sustainability, with full traceability. The highest food safety standards are maintained by both our partners and our own facilities. You click; we cut; and then we send it to wherever you are in Dubai City. Everything is delivered fresh and right to your door, preserving the quality of our meat so it may be cooked at home or stored. It is because our goal is to deliver all of these wonderful treats to your home for grilling! Furthermore, we want you to enjoy better meat, and this shouldn't break the budget, therefore we do the math and price our produce affordably. In a nutshell we are confident to say that Gourmet Butcher House delivers perfection.