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Spanish Milk Fed Lamb

Gourmet Butcher House is the acknowledged meat industry leader in terms of service, product knowledge, and the supply of chilled and value-added meat products throughout the UAE. It boasts the best quality Beef, Lamb, and Veal from Spain. We only use the highest grade meats that are completely traceable and have received the necessary Halal and Health certificates. Our top priority is maintaining the integrity of the cold chain, which includes keeping the meat at the right temperature to maximize its shelf life, quality, and flavour. Spanish meat cuts are the preferred option for steakhouses and restaurants around the world for a variety of good reasons, including its high quality, succulence, and incredible amount of goodness. Spanish meat is a preferred option for health-conscious diners and fitness enthusiasts since it is rich in minerals like zinc and iron, has few calories, and is high in protein. There is simply nothing else like Spanish Meat as a product for passionate meat eaters and chefs who care seriously about quality, ethics, and taste.

Get in contact with our team to learn more about Gourmet Butcher House's selection of Spanish meat and why it is poised to emerge as the next major regional culinary trend. The Gourmet Butcher House's whole line of meat products is available in the catalogue and it also encompasses tasty halal cold cuts and innovative, ready-prepared products. To place an order and request doorstep delivery for Spanish Beef or Spanish Milk Fed Lamb to enjoy at home with your loved ones, just visit our website.