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Kazakhstani Lamb Meat

Making sure the meat is of the finest quality is crucial to making outstanding cuisine and is a cornerstone of our butchery trade. We get Kazakhstani lamb meat from reputable traditional farms that have been consistently breeding heritage breed sheep for many years. With a good amount of fat covering but a lean texture, that provides for the greatest meat. Kazakhstani lamb meat is very tender, there is no smell, and it is cooked quickly. This is due to the grass that cattle feed on. You can be sure you're getting a high-quality product from farmers who uphold the values of organically raised, sustainably farmed, well-tended, and stress-free animals when you buy any meat from the Gourmet Butcher House.

We at Gourmet Butcher House want to give you the best quality we can, freshly frozen. We are an artisan company that places an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Although our boxes offer the best value, if you need a specific cut of meat, they are available upon request and can be delivered right to your door if you want. We are open every day, Monday to Sunday, offering you traditional meat cuts from a wide range of beef, lamb, mutton and poultry. We want you to savor each bite of your meal. However, if you believe a product falls short of our customary high standards, please contact us. If we don't pass your taste test, we will, at our discretion, either replace the product or offer an alternative.