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Fresh Local Meat Near Me

For those who love non-vegetarian meals, no meal is complete without meat. It is the most exquisite treat one could make and would spice up dinner. Use Gourmet Butcher House’s farm fresh meat to add some flavour to your family feasts. In our shop at Dubai, we sell premium meat and chicken and you can get fresh meats delivered at your doorstep through our delivery service. Farm Fresh Meat is readily available at our online store in a variety of forms, including fresh entire mutton legs, new mutton chops, fresh mutton shoulder, fresh mutton mince, etc. You can choose your favourite delights and receive raw, fresh meat that is just partially prepared. So why do you still wait? Purchase farm fresh meat from Gourmet Butcher House in Dubai and get ready to have a meaty time. We're confident you won't ever step foot in another supermarket to buy meat after just one fresh meat purchase from Gourmet Butcher House. At our supermarket in Dubai, you can find the highest-grade farm-fresh meat thanks to our rigorous quality tests or you can just type “fresh local meat near me” you will come to know about us.

Gourmet Butcher House are connoisseurs of meat. Our passion for meat has met its innovative flair in handcrafted tender chops, juicy racks, perfect steaks and secretly spiced kebabs. Our enthusiasm for top-quality can be tasted from the finest cuts of meat, handcrafted burgers and handmade sausages. From the very beginning, we built an everyday philosophy – encouraging every employee at the Meat N More family to do the best, with everything they can offer.