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Best Butcher Shop In Dubai

Richness and quality personified at the Gourmet Butcher Shop! Since our company was founded in 2015, we have become the best butcher shop in Dubai and brought delight to a lot of clients, and we aim to continue doing so for years to come. However, our selection extends beyond merely premium, delectable goods. We are a full-service Dubai butcher shop that has grown to play a significant role in the vicinity.

Which do you prefer between beef and lamb?

We offer you a complete variety of beef and mutton cuts produced by quality and finest bred cows and goats handled with utmost care and a dedicated sharia compliant process, because your well-being and health is what we care about the most! Being the top notch meat butcher Dubai, we have something for everyone. For Chicken Lovers, we happily serve fresh whole chicken, chicken breast, drumsticks and wings. Moreover, we take pride in our extensive assortment of BBQ skewers. We simply love everything from tenderloin to kibbehs and even sausages.

Looking for the best butcher in Dubai? Come to Gourmet Butcher House because our goal is to foster the public's appreciation for premium meats while making the experience as fun and amicable as we can. Therefore, we recommend you to seek out new cuts and walk out on that ledge.