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Important things to remember while buying healthy red meat

Well there is no rocket science required to shop for clothes, shoes, or grocery items. However, when it comes to shopping the meat, you need to be extra careful. You could easily get scammed by an imposter who sells low-quality or old meat that could potentially cause severe damage to your health. Professional scammers know how to befool their clients and sell low-quality meat without getting noticed. So whether you are shopping the meat from a butcher shop or using Online meat delivery Dubai service. That’s why we have gathered some common red flags to notice while shopping for red meat.

Unrefrigerated Food

Don’t invest in meat that has been stored out of the refrigerator unless it is chopped fresh right in front of you. Even in the fridge, the red meat has to be stored at 40ºF or below and not more than 3 to 5 days old. You can also check the UAE’s food safety protocols in this regard and shop accordingly.

Expiration Date

Before buying refrigerated/frozen meat, you need to check the date of sealing and expiration date. These dates are always mentioned on the food packaging but buyers often overlook seeing them. Don’t buy meat that is older than a day and/or has the expiration date very close.

Broken Food Packaging

Make sure that the package of the meat you are buying is intact. If you notice a rip in the packer or a broken seal, avoid it altogether. If you are uncertain or confused about the packaging of the product, look around and see if the other similar products are packed in the same way.


Discoloration is the biggest red flag in red meat. Fresh meat is more towards red color and if you notice it too dark, black, brown or greenish parts, avoid buying it. A greenish hue on the meat is a sign of unhealthy or rotten meat. If you spot any such hue or even the slightest doubt about it, do not buy that meat.


Smelly meat is spoiled meat and it is just as simple as that. Spoiled red meat has a strong pungent smell that is quite notable. Here is a pro tip, instead of pressing your nose against the meat to smell it, use your hands to cut the meat and smell from your hands.

Meat Texture

Meat Texture is also a noticeable thing when buying meat. The normal and healthy meat feels soft and even to the touch. If you notice lumps, grains, or very sticky skin, avoid buying that meat. Sometimes the animal develops diseases that affect their meat making it unhealthy for human consumption.

Let the burgers rest

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