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How to make juiciest and most tender BBQ at home

The barbecue grill should be fired up and the party should be planned with some background music if the weather is lovely and cloudless. With freshly prepared cuts of meat and vegetables, you want to amaze your guests. You should be aware of the fact that there are a few golden rules to ensure everyone enjoys perfectly cooked food.

Choosing the right charcoal

Just as choosing the right cuts from the Gourmet Butcher Dubai is important, the same goes with the charcoal because the right charcoal is important to cook your perfect barbeque. For the best barbecue, the appropriate charcoal is essential. A variety of meats cook well on lump charcoal. Lump charcoal burns for roughly an hour and ignites quickly. If you want to try, here's a pro tip. Try adding fruit tree wood chips to your charcoal to alter the typical flavour. Fruit woods have a pleasant flavour, are abundant in sap, and typically contain less contaminants.

Wait until the right time to cook

It requires patience and focus to barbecue, in that order. Wait till the flames go out; the word "flame-grilled" is quite deceptive. In other words, you want the coals to be blazing and white hot. That is the most intense and even heat.

The secret is in the marinade

The meat should be marinated for at least a few hours; overnight is even preferable. The precise marinating of the meat ensured that the marinade's flavour did not overshadow the Smokey flavour. Keep the marinade and use it every time you cook fish or meat. Along with adding the smoky flavour, it will also increase moisture. (Try lamb bbq with the simplest marination recipe that is add raw onion juice salt and black pepper and then grill it on the coal. thank me later).

Thaw the meat

At least 20 minutes before grilling the meat, take it out of the refrigerator. The likelihood is that the meat will be cooked thoroughly on the exterior but still be raw inside if it is taken straight from the refrigerator and placed on the grill. This may also imply that the meat may burn externally. This is particularly crucial for cuts of beef. Also applied to lamb, chicken, or other meats.

For flare-ups, keep a spray bottle close by Flames are not your food's friends because they will badly char it. Keep a spray bottle of water nearby so that you can dampen flare-ups without impacting the heat.

Rest the meat

The act of resting meats after grilling is just as crucial as any other. A steak would be stiff and the juices would run out the moment you poked it with your steak knife if you tried to eat one straight from the grill. The beef sinews can reabsorb the juices by allowing it to rest for a little while. The meat should be left to rest on a preheated tray on the top rack or away from the flames in perforated foil.

Get the sides right

A side dish should never be omitted! They will account for two thirds of your diet. You might choose from dishes like traditional potato salad, cheeky grilled corn on the cob, and basic but delectable couscous.

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