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Butcher Shop or Super Market? Pick the best option to buy meat

When you are planning to go meat shopping in Dubai, there are two main sources i.e. butcher shops or supermarkets. Some people prefer to go to a Dubai butcher shop, while others prefer to buy meat from their go-to supermarket where they buy the rest of the grocery from. All of these shoppers have their reasons to go to a particular place to buy the meat. Based on our interaction with customers and personal experience, we have written this article to compare the shopping meat from a butcher store or a supermarket.


When it comes to the quality of the meat, the butcher shops have much higher quality to offer as compared to supermarkets. The meat available at the butcher is usually sourced from local farms on daily basis. Instead of packaging and refrigerating, they offer freshly cut meat that they receive from their farms every morning on daily basis. On the other hand, supermarkets have no such reliance on forms. They usually source the packaged meat through factories with an expiry date. So, in terms of quality, meat at the butcher shop is fresh and fares well than that available at the supermarket.


In pricing, you may get fair-priced meat at the supermarket. Since they have ready-made packaged meat available, the prices are already given and you can pick the one with a lower price but you may have to compromise on quality. At the butcher shop, you may have to spend some extra money to get fresh meat with your choice of cut.


At the supermarket, you have limited options of meat cuts available. Whereas at the butcher shop, you can ask for a cut of your preference. Some people prefer to buy meat with an ample fatty part, while the rest look for a fat-free portion of the meat. At the butcher shop, you can ask the butcher to cut you a piece however you wish to buy. Moreover, you sometimes need certain types of meat to make special continental dishes from a particular cuisine. In this case, buying meat from the butcher shop is far better to get the type of meat cut you need. It means you enjoy a personalized approach to meat cutting at the butcher as opposed to the supermarket.

Customer Service

You may enjoy great deals, offers for Online meat delivery Dubai, and friendly customer service at the supermarket and the butcher shops alike. However, the butchers allow you more freedom to discuss tips and tricks of using meat with personal advice from the trained butchers. The butcher shops are also a great pick for those in the restaurant and food business to order meat in bulk at a fair price. The supermarkets mostly serve meat for individual or domestic needs.